They Call Her Wonder Woman Of CS, Meet Aparna Pandey


Workplaces are supposed to be as vivid as a rainbow, with people of different eccentricities and quirks. No matter if an employee is old or new, what makes him matchless and identifiable is the unique streak along with driven work principles. One such member of the family is Aparna Pandey. 


A young and vibrant personality with abundant mood swings but only one work ethic- Gotta do it! She is the kind of girl who has the profound ability to switch between the well dressed and accessorized look on Tuesday right to the Panda-too-lazy-to-dress-up-I-will-wear-my-sweatpants look the very next day. Being and working around her is fun and full of learning, simultaneously. 


I am Arudhi Verma, Content Strategist & Developer at MoreTasks and now is the time to get to know a not-very-old but one of the most progressive members of Moretasks’ team- Aparna Pandey, Customer Service Executive at Moretasks.


Arudhi: Let’s begin with knowing something about you.


Aparna: Yes. So I am a graduate with a degree in Mass Communication. I was born in Gwalior, did my schooling from Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, and graduation from Delhi. I am very impatient, the fact that having one younger brother still couldn’t help me to practice patience, says a lot about my dearth of tolerance (laughs). 


Arudhi: What else defines your personality?


Aparna: I am an ambivert. I like talking and mixing up with people but only when I feel the frequency matching. Apart from that, I have a creative head so I am quite into activities like painting and photography. Back in college, I was a huge photography enthusiast, so much that I used to wake up at wee hours to get unconventional shots that can’t be clicked in the normal day hours. Also, I am very moody, one moment I’ll be like all excited and dedicated, and the next morning, I will be too lazy to even think about the same things. 


Also, I love shopping. I love dressing up but I equally love my comfort. So you can often spot me in office in conflicting dress-up on consecutive days. 


Arudhi: What has been your professional background like, before you joined Moretasks?


Aparna: This is the first time I am working as a customer support executive. I actually worked as a video editor and scriptwriter and all that stuff related to filmmaking. Not to mention, photography.


Arudhi: So how did you change the course towards Customer Support?


Aparna: I wanted more stability in my life. Obviously, I enjoyed my former work, but it didn’t promise certainty and was also hectic. Plus, I wanted to experience something new and different. So ya, here I am.


Arudhi: How is working with Moretasks like? 


Aparna: To be honest, for someone like me who hardly gives a lot of time to a single thing, having worked at Moretasks for almost 8 months is a huge achievement and surprise. When I joined, I came on board just for the experience. Little did I know that it was soon going to become the turning point of my life where I will push my boundaries and actually stay for the longest professional stability period of my life.


Arudhi: What would you like to say about the team you work with?


Aparna: Both my parents are working. When I lived with them, I always used to hear them cribbing about office politics and unreliable colleagues. I developed a sense that workplaces are challenging, not because of the work pressure but the people there are. But once I joined this company and started working with the team I was assigned, I can’t help but feel grateful for the kind of people and atmosphere that surround me. 


Arudhi: And what would you like to say about the work you do?


Aparna: I always used to think that customer service is all about calling and handling customer grievances. Glad I came onboard and learned how broad the arena is. I have learned so much about human psychology, plus how to handle situations that are intimidating. I work on the calls, email, texts simultaneously and this has made me multitasking as well. I have learned to take work pressure in a healthy way and turn glitches into opportunities. 


Arudhi: There will definitely be something that you would like to change about Moretasks.


Aparna: Of course, nothing is perfect, neither is this company. If I point out some loopholes in context to the team I work with, I would say we can enforce a little more punctuality and better communication. We follow the Dutch working culture so obviously its a flat office culture but I think there should be a little bit of hierarchy so that those who are performing better, can be rewarded with more authority and decision making, also for an increased sense of responsibility.  


Arudhi: Any special memories with the company?


Aparna: Plenty, actually. In the month of April, I was chosen employee of the month and it was a very motivating feeling. Then recently, I was promoted as the shift lead for the Customer Support team. The company knows how to keep people motivated and enthusiastic.  


Arudhi: It’s been an interesting interview, any closing comments before we end it?

Aparna: A girl who has never worked for more than 2 months, continuously in any organization, just don’t want to leave despite all these 8 months. Do I need to say anything more?

by Arudhi Verma

A writer by passion and profession. Arudhi is experienced in multi-dimensional writing ranging from Travel, Healthcare and Corporate to Fiction.

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