The amazing folks who make the magic happen!

Staff Support

The Show Runners

Growth Hackers

Harnessing the pulley with sheer determination and making sure the entire organizational ship sails through every uncertainty is a promise which this team always keeps. The generators of revenue and the facilitators of relationship, they are the embodiment of the entire face internationally.

Solution Ambassadors

The hassle of an unanswered question will bug your mind and give you nightmares but once you encounter the zeal and enthusiasm of our Solution Ambassadors you will be spellbound. They are perfectionists who will relinquish your thirst for answers and queries with an approach so cordial that no matter how fatigued they are, you will fancy them talking to you with broad smiles of their faces.

Scribble Baton

A unique blend of wordsmiths who not only master the art of expressing through words but can also personify the legacy of the organisation by creating its own lingo. The lyricist of the organisation can certainly make you groove to their words and leave you amazed.

Vibrant Visualizers

Adding a sparkling touch to anything they create, making you feel the actual presence of every pixel they make, they are masters of Graphics which can sweep you off your feet, with their imagination and perfection.

Code Ninjas

To them, algorithms are playful and the alphanumeric content the best of friends!! They are probably those quintessential back-benchers who were found discussing the blatant ideas of creating a gaming site. Anyway, they are the real geniuses who take care of your development needs. Get access to an entire team of software ninjas disguised as experts.


“It’s not your capabilities that define you but rather your choices”- Albus Severe Dumbledore This team is the truest personification of Gryffindor for they never leave a stone unturned to strive towards ranking the efforts of the organisation at the top. Like the Hogwart’s House, they are a bunch of daring, nervy and chivalrous people who are internet nerds and can possibly twirl any social platform!!

Mind the GAAP

Like a watchdog but not typically a geeky team, we have intellectuals who manage the Debit & Credit side of the organisation like a Pro!! They are masters in their art of effectively managing both the surplus and the deficit. You will hardly find them making a Suspense Account, for their Balance Sheet is always matched.

Evergreen Squad

You might prefer calling them the “Monitor of the workspace” for there is nothing specific which they Don’t Do. Ever ready to listen to your problems and help you out to solve them, they take charge to have the best talent on board and strive towards retaining the same with utmost honesty.

Management Mavericks

Wandering between the spreadsheets and connecting the various dots to make a holistic representation of data, analyzing critically every aspect of the organization; this team is omnipresent in every decision-making.

The Management

The true geniuses at play, most of the people who keep the show running
behind the curtains here at Moretasks.

Sumit Chandra Agarwal

A loyal Customer isn't a prize
but a responsibility that you earn through relentless endeavor
Retain them wisely

Sakshi Goel

Operations Manager
Passion. Purpose. Progress

Samridhi Raj

Culture and Geek Resource Manager
Think, Innovate & Challenge

Tanu Choudhary

Accounts Officer
CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)

Dharmendra Kumar Mishra

Development Manager
Life would be so much easier if
we only had the
source code

Abhimanyu Singh Negi

Head Of Growth
vision, values and personality

Shubham Singh

Head Of digital
Individual talent can win hearts
but Joint Effort can win the game

Sahil Leekha

Assistant- Project Manager
Work hard and Honestly
Always remember God
To Share with the Needy

Prabhat Kumar Singh

Qualtiy Analyst - Client Side
Decide the destination and keep moving until you reach there

Shantanu Banerjee

Business Growth Advisor
Always deliver more than expected

Arudhi Verma

Lead Content Development
Always be a voice, not an echo.

Sumit Chandra Agarwal

A loyal Customer isn't a prize
but a responsibility that you earn through relentless endeavor Retain them wisely

Sakshi Goel

Operations Manager
Passion. Purpose. Progress