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Meet The Santa Of Moretasks, Sahil Leekha

A vision stays a vision if it is not fed with the fuel of fidelity and expertise. While fidelity is born out of an utmost passion for turning the dreams into reality, expertise is created by the never-ending toil to become better than your current self. And this is exactly what goes for both, Moretasks and its impassioned family members.

Beginning and sustaining in an environment where every new day comes with an unheard change and threats of legging behind hovers on the company like a huge hat, survival is possible only with a team that is not just skilled but zealous to affirm the organizational vision as the common vision of everyone working in the firm.

We at MoreTasks believe that good stories from the people who keep us in the race, should not be kept under a cloak. And this is exactly what we bring for you in our section- Humans Of More Tasks where the tales of growth and lessons from the people who add soul to the body of our vision shall disembark from the bay of our hearts to yours.

I am Arudhi Verma, Content Strategist & Developer at More Tasks and here I shall share with you the enriching conversation with one of the pioneering gem of our team, Sahil Leekha- Assistant Project Manager at MoreTasks Pvt. Ltd.


Q. Can we begin with knowing a little about you?

Sahil: Yes, sure! I was born in Hissar, Haryana and did my schooling from Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. It was a boarding school. Later I moved to Gurugram for my higher studies and consequently, settled here only.

Q. Something about your interests and hobbies? 

Sahil: Well, I love to play cricket and lawn tennis. Reading books is another activity that keeps me betrothed for hours. I love the book Prodigal Daughter and Daughter of the East. Apart from it all, I also love to travel. I went on a solo road trip three and a half years back to Sangla Valley and Chitkul. I wish to explore entire India from its tip in Kashmir to toe at Kanyakumari, before I start a global expedition. And yes, I have always been an introvert. I can have excellent communication when someone approaches; however, I barely used to take any initiative to talk to someone. But yes, its a thing of the past.

Q. What was your professional life like before you started working with More Tasks?

Sahil: I currently have an experience of 12 years. However, its been only a year that I started working with MoreTasks. I started with a big company while I was still in college but it was only when I worked with a startup as a social media marketing head, that I realized the fringe learning benefits and growth opportunities that can only be offered by the space that is still growing. When I stopped working at the former place, I had one thing clear in my head- Startup is the place where I have to work.

Q. And do you think More Tasks fulfilled the aspirations you had from working with a startup?

Sahil: Definitely. Everything about this company is so good that a day off from office feels like a day wasted. The work environment here is accurately flexible, and people get a chance to implement the ideas they have if they are right. Employees are genuinely valued and every day comes with some new growth opportunities. Even the people who work here are always ready to have a communication or to help. I am not as young as many team members in there early 20s, but there is not even a single time that someone made me feel the age gap. They believe in the statement- age is just a number.

Q. Talking about the growth opportunities at More Tasks, can you share any experience at the company that gave you a chance to learn and grow like never before?

Sahil: Oh, yes, I would love to. Actually, there are two events that I can confidently call the turning points in my career with this company. I remember when Sumit (Founder and Director of Operations) called me and Abhimanyu, one of my colleagues, to handle an entirely new process of Taxi2Airport, and make it a paramount, I was more than thrilled and grateful. I felt important. I felt a strong faith that the company had in me and my potential. I felt empowered and responsible at the same time. I am not sure if there is anything else that has contributed to my self-belief more than this incident.

Q. What is the impact that this incident had on you?

Sahil: To be honest, this incident ignited a newfound self-belief in me. I felt more confident, though I always think I am still a learner. I led people, and it helped me identify the leadership qualities which I was unbothered about. I learned how a new process is started from scratch and how it sores. Not only this, I always had anger issues and leading and guiding a team with a significant responsibility on my shoulders helped me to work on it substantially.

Q. And the second incident that you were about to mention?

Sahil: Yes. So it happened when I had been working with More Tasks for about seven months. There was a new outsourcing project from an Amsterdam based company and to learn about the functioning of their process, someone had to be sent to Amsterdam for the field training. I was more than honored to be the person chosen to travel to Europe to learn the operations on the company’s behalf. I learned a great deal about the difference in the work culture of the two countries. I learned the dynamics of customer service operations that I could have learned only there and nowhere else. Apart from that, I got to travel a lot.

Q. Any stark difference in the working of Indian and European Market?

Sahil: European people are very diligent. They work straight with very few breaks and sheer dedication. It’s like, once they sit on their seats, they stick there and don’t stop putting efforts until the job is done.

Q. Can you share a little bit of your knowledge about Customer Assistance sphere?

Sahil: I would say that customers can be a bit difficult sometimes but the key to a successful communication from both the ends is that the executive should always put himself in the customer’s shoes. Understand the emotions and the situations that lead to the build-up of such feelings and I am sure, catch-22 will vanish off in the air.

Q. You mentioned at the beginning that you have always been an introvert but things have changed now. Can you elaborate this pre and post introvert phase that you have gone through?

Sahil: I have always been an introvert before I came to More Tasks and things changed. When I started working, I was a young boy who barely had any experience and was still learning. I did my schooling from Shimla and once I stepped out of place, I lost touch with all the friends that I had. Back in those times, there weren’t many social media platforms to catch up with the loved ones. It was only after the introduction of hi5, Orkut and facebook that I started searching for all my school friends and got in touch with everyone again. The reason I am telling you this is that the times I lived in lacked a wide range of platforms for exposure and to make connections. There is a huge difference in today’s youth and youth back then. Young people today know how to gel up. I did not.

Q. And since you have mentioned it multiple times that you are no more an introvert, what led to such a commendable change? 

Sahil: I am grateful to Sumit for turning me into a person that I am now. I was an introvert and didn’t interact and expressed much. He taught me the importance and ease of being eloquent with ideas.

Q. What according to you, is the importance of eloquence in professional life that your transformation has taught you?

Sahil: I think it is essential to be expressive and frank when it comes to professional life. In the absence of it, you lose control over people and things. There is miscommunication, and instead of building good connections, the reverse happens. Not being able to put your ideas into words even, if your mind is originating some legendary plans, results in unsung death of recognition which is a non-negotiable no-no.

Q. Here is an interesting question, how did you end up becoming the Santa of More Tasks?

Sahil: (laughs) Okay, so this is indeed one fun story. As I said I am selectively vocal at the workplace so when Sumit, out of nowhere, came to me and asked me to dress up in Santa’s get up for Christmas, I couldn’t decide the right thing to do for a minute. I was sitting there, and all I said was, not me, please. I had an interest in dramatics back in school but that was a different thing with hefty preparations and mentally prepared state of mind. Here, it just came to me like snow in summer and I didn’t even have my thermals handy. Nevertheless, I accepted what I was asked to do because, well, another experience to add to the list.

Q. Let’s end this enriching interview with your best memories with More Tasks.

Sahil: I recently completed one year, and it was celebrated with the entire team in the office. It was really special to me. Apart from that, the annual photoshoot that was held in May, was also one unforgettable memory.


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