Customer Support Services

We provide effective customer services for your customers through a perfect mix of technology, innovation and intelligent agents and tools that give effective results.

The secret to retaining customers is through an excellent customer support service. With the growing competition, it’s important to acquire new customers, but not at the cost of the old ones. The satisfaction of the existing customers is essential to keep the organization in business and to grow the customer base even further.

We understand the importance of customers in an escalating business which drives us towards our primary goal to satisfy the customers by anticipating their needs and requirements. We make use of different tools and technology to provide our clients with the best possible customer support services. With our customer support experts pannel, our clients can be assured about having professional customer handling and an exceptional customer care service.

In any situation, with MoreTasks’ customer care services, you will get a prompt and efficient response to all sorts of problems that may arise.

Business Operations Support

We manage your business operation with the complete focus on compliances, KPIs, SLAs that you need to meet to have your business operations run smoothly.

Business operations are subject to change as the business starts to grow. Once the business enters the prominent phase, it’s vital for the business operations to evolve to stay in accordance with the company’s growth.

Our services pledge absolute attention to the organizational goals while ensuring strict conformity to the policies, laws, and standards. We focus on staying in line with the required performance level in all the aspects of services including quality, availability, and responsibilities. KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and SLA (Service Level Agreement) are essential factors to evaluate the success of the operations, towards which we work diligently to enhance the performance level in every outlook of the company.

Regardless of the size and type of business, our business support experts are ready to assist your business across various platforms like customer success, online transactions, lead generation, data operations, and manual back-office tasks.

Along with a reduced cost, our clients also benefit from effective and efficient performance results as they are able to shift their focus and resources on the critical parts of the business.

Digital Management Service

Digital Management Services provides a smarter e2edigital management to enterprises across content management, creative design, multi-channel marketing, social media services and digital analytics value chains.

Digital management is a faster way of managing activities around and outside the workplace.
With the rapidly growing technological environment, it has become a dire need to adopt digital solutions to adapt the business in this digitally-focused domain.

With our digital management services, the clients are able to gain efficiency and flexibility at reduced costs to achieve better results in the dynamic market. As a result, there is better and faster coordination in the diverse activities and the organization is able to perform its operations and evaluate their performance more efficiently and effectively.

With our digital management experts, we assure to equip your business with a smart digital management system across various platforms like content management, creative design, multi-channel marketing, social media services, and digital analytics value chains.

E-Commerce Support Services

The universal E-Commerce sales continues to expand, steered by powerful consumer requirements. Despite this, many E-Commerce businesses find it stimulating to administer a growth in product data volumes, guarantee the accuracy for the data of their products, provide premium customer service and imply reverse logistics including aftermarket customer service and order fulfillment, during peak times.

Over the years, MoreTasks has successfully provided E-Commerce support services for countless online businesses all over the globe. Our services range from Customer Engagement, Analytics, Order Processing, and Fulfillment, Business Applications, Application Integration, Product Information Management, Database Formation and Management, Content Delivery to eCommerce Product Photo editing, Booking and Search Engine Optimization.

Web & Mobile App Services

We provide state of the art web and mobile solutions for your business that will enable you to do a lot more than imagined with your trade. A Web service is a service executed in the particular technology or brand which ultimately is any piece of software that makes itself accessible over the internet exchanging data between systems and applications. This includes websites designing and development, Web plus Mobile portals design and development.
Majento, WordPress, Shopify Plus, Woocommerce, Squarespace, Magneto etc are some of the website development platforms that we have used in the past for our clients. We help you reach out to your audience in a way that caters to your and your customer’s needs. Think of Moretasks as your space for unlimited hosting, top-of-the-quality security, a corporate-grade infrastructure, and a 24/7 available support. For our customers who need mobile solutions we offer Mobile Content Services, Instant Messaging Services, Data Management.

Data Operation Services

DataOps, or data operations, is the current Agile operations methodology to emerge from the collective awareness of IT and big data professionals. We focus on pursuing data management practices and procedures that enhance the speed and accuracy of analytics, including data access, quality control, automation, integration, and, ultimately, model deployment and management.
We provide data entry, data analysis, data reporting, real time data intelligence and integrating the same with digital advertisement management for your business to provide you with ease of data handling, decision making and upselling.
This includes integrating with data sources, performing transformations, and delivering data. DataOps also encompasses the monitoring and governance of these data flows. Few of the Data Operation tools that we have used for our clients in the past are Delphix, HPCC systems, Infoworks, Nexla

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If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

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