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Much Ado About Content Lately? It’s All Worth It


Someone once said ‘words create the world’ and no one has ever been able to condemn it. Okay, maybe the originator of this saying was just some writer who wanted to accentuate the importance of his profession on the brain maps of the citizens. But leave this page right away if you didn’t shed a tear while reading fault in our stars or tried not to sob while listening to Oprah Winfrey’s story in her speeches.

Words have the ultimate power to move and influence you, effortlessly. In the corporate world, words or technically speaking, content, appears at the top of every game that the sharks aim at hitting right. Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Digital Reach, Business Development, or anything else that the team strives towards, everything comes down to the right delivery of the message. That’s where Content comes in the picture.


In 1996, Bill Gates gave a term to the corporate world- Content is the king.

The truth is, nothing has really changed in these 23 years. Content stills rule the realm and if you doubt it, check out the following 7 reasons why Content is the king.


7 Reasons Why Content Is The King



  1. It’s An Opportunist Market

Competition is fierce and industries are packed with competing companies. With a plethora of choices available for the consumers, the most effective and fair way to dominate the market share is, reflecting your expertise.

The right content not only helps your company reflect the precision and the upper hand in the service and product offered, but it also highlights your brand name among the crowd of hundreds of others.

Producing high-quality content, be it blogs, pop-ups, podcasts, videos, etc. not only solves the user’s problems but turns your brand into a distinguishable name, the one users can rely on.


2. Consumer Behaviour Is Changed


Gone are the days when your consumer will search for your contact number on a telephone directory and inquire about the services provided by you on call.

The modern-day consumer will run through your website by searching you on Google. He will read the reviews, blogs, videos, descriptions, quotations, etc. on the website and if everything seems as per the standard, he shall trust you with the services and products.

Its the age of the digital costumers and nothing satiates them more than the quality content and service.


3. It Actually Benefits Your Work Pool


When you are creating exactly the content that sells the best in the market, you are indulging in extensive market research. Imagine the business pitch mail that you send to your client with content that lacks in research about the potential client, their operations and what you can offer. Your proposal and mail will die an unsung death in the mailbox.

Content is more than what goes on a blog. It is the appealing packaging within which comes the actual product. If the packaging isn’t elaborative, appealing and resourceful, the inventory will rot in the warehouse.


4. Bridging The Gap Of Trust Between You And Your Customers


No relation goes for too long without the support of the trust. The same goes between producers and consumers too. When you create content that is resourceful, reliable, performs well on the web and helps solve the problem of the user, your target consumer builds a trust relationship with you.

The mutual loyalty you build with your expertise goes a long way in making the best out of your business operations. Not only the trust but the user engagement that is created out of the content that invites the people over and over again is a multiplying factor for traffic on your business website.


5. Ranks You On Top Of Google


Just as Google is the key to all the questions of the consumers, ranking on Google is the key to yours.

Whether a person wants to know the recipe of the chocolate cake or the science behind Tesla’s Car Parking App technology, the first resort to know the answer is Google. Needless to say, ranking on Google, is the basic requirement if you aim to see your business on the top.

We don’t even need to define the significance of Content in Google Ranking. Optimizing the digital presentation of your business to rank on search engines involves and revolves entirely around CONTENT.



Content may sound like a simple operation in your business that you sometimes might or might not be taking into consideration when it comes to the major growth factors of your businesses. But the truth is, Content tops every single operation of your business.


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by Arudhi Verma

A writer by passion and profession. Arudhi is experienced in multi-dimensional writing ranging from Travel, Healthcare and Corporate to Fiction.

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