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5 Email Marketing Tips That Are Must For A Kickass Turnover


One undeniable truth about the success of most of the businesses out there is the correct incorporation of email marketing strategies. Gone are the days when emails were only sent to communicate about complaints and grievances from the consumers’ end to the service provider’s and vice versa (we know we have a smart readership and you already know this fact). If you are still a bit skeptical about the power of emails in today’s business world, take a look at the following stats by Campaign Monitor

  • 82% of the B2B and B2C companies use email marketing to expand their businesses.
  • Conversion rates by B2C companies who inculcate the correct email marketing tools in their operations are as high as 50%.
  • Percentage of marketing automation companies that use emails as their prime marketing tool is around 95%.

The stats above innately reflect the wonders of email marketing that maximum big names in the industry have adopted to bring high revenues and customer retention through the door. But when it comes to right email tactics, the toil doesn’t end here. Merely bringing the desired outcomes inside the company from the doors is not enough. A large part of the apposite email strategies includes the ability to make the customers comfortable about the choice of stepping into your company’s vicinity. Continuous and constant transmission is necessary to make your clients and the customers realize that you are not a long but a real shot.

Here, we have compiled the list of 8 kickass email marketing strategies so that when the next time someone asks ‘who are the people who’ve cornered the market’, all eyes turn towards you.


5 Effective Email Marketing Tips  


  • Work On The Master Subject Line

Done drafting the best email that you can with all the necessary and relevant information fragmented through the yarn of professional language? Guess what? All of it can go to vain if the receiver does not even open it. Why? The answer lies in your inbox. Hundreds of emails stuff the mailbox on a daily basis and unless the subject line says something important like ‘We Can Reduce Your Expenditure’ or ‘Attention: You Are Running Out Of Time’, we don’t give a flying attention to it (what?!).

The secret to creat a master subject for your email is to evoke either of the following feelings in the readers- curiosity, mystery, fear (of missing out), attentiveness or something that states urgency in the reader. The catch lies in playing with the reader’s psychology.

The real difficulty about crafting the perfect subject line of the email lies in the fact that the ideal length of the subject is 40 characters or just seven words. With such a small word limit and multiples details to add in it, it is indeed a difficult job. So we advise you to deploy all of your intellect and logic into it.


  • Make Sure The Email List Is Real

Most of the times, the companies, to generate leads, prefer buying email lists from different platforms. While these lists can be helpful sometimes, but not all the time. Most of the emails collected from the purchased email list contain malicious emails, the maximum of which are not even functional. Make sure to keep an observant eye on the source of the emails you are generating and ensure the quality before taking any step.


  • Gift Your Subscribers With The Power To Execute Their Choice

It is the most critical step when it comes to generating a list of credible, long term subscribers. Most of the businesses think that not assigning an unsubscribe button on the mails compels it for the readers to receive and read their mails. But the truth is, it hands them an even more destructive power of, in the worst-case scenario, report you spam.

Therefore, make it a deal to assign an unsubscribe button with your emails since it will not only save you from being blacklisted but also helps in creating the real, virtuous list of subscribers who genuinely want to read all that you want them to.


  • Categorize, Before Anything 

While many of the people already know the importance of email delivery, most of us fail in its execution. The secret to making the most of this marketing tool lies in the little things that often go unnoticed when the marketers focus all of their vigilance on writing the mail. The truth is, writing a perfect email is just ten percent of the entire process. There are multiple factors, some of which are mentioned above, some other that will soon be mentioned and many others that may not be in the list but doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

Sending an email is fine but know what you are sending and to whom. Divide the type of customers or clients into different categories based on the purpose of communication, product, or service offered. Do not spam all your subscribers with a standard mail, giving them the liberty to hit that unsubscribe button.


  • Bring A Change- Urge The Readers To Reply

If there flashes ‘DO NOT REPLY’ with your mail, you are also the part of the long queue of traditional email marketers who miss the essence of two-way communication. While it’s essential to convey the message you have for your readers, you still shouldn’t underestimate the power of a real subscriber, who talks back to you. Encourage your receiver to reply to the mail with relevant suggestions, feedbacks, queries, or whatever your email concerns. It not only ensures the receiver that his/her participation matters, but it also helps to create a genuine two-way faith when you reply them back with whatever they have to ask. What’s even better? It helps you to identify a faithful lot of members in your mailing list.


Thriving in a cut-throat business scenario where the number of contenders are more than opportunities and advancement, there is no better weapon than scaling up your operation with every step you take ahead. And as we mentioned above, the secret to scaling up lies not only in getting your hands right on the major visible algorithms that affect your growth but also the minute things that form the base but often go unnoticed.

It’s time you make them your weapon. It’s time you keep them sharp and use them wisely.

Arudhi Verma

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